Recent spike in car burglaries

Oct 27, 2014 7:49 PM by News Staff

A recent spike in car burglaries is causing concern for drivers around Chico. Reports show there were nearly 20 reported car burglaries in just one day.

One California Park resident says she was a victim last month but luckily her windows weren't broken. "They evidently got in because the car was unlocked at the time, which will never happen again. They only that they got was some change. They got nothing else in there but they made a mess. They took everything out of the glove compartment," said Kathy Lanpheir of Chico.

Other drivers say they're taking extra steps to make sure their cars don't attract criminals. "I don't leave a lot of extra stuff in my car so the car looks empty. I make sure to always have doors locked and windows up even on a hot day," explained Elizabeth King.

There are some areas where you need to take extra caution, such as parking structures. "If it's an area that's not patrolled as often, or out away from public view, it's usually an easier area to commit a crime like this," said Sergeant Cesar Sandoval of the Chico Police Department.

Residents say they're trying to be proactive, about keeping this kind of activity out of their own neighborhoods. "We look out for each other and many of our neighbors now keep their lights on in both the front and the back of the homes," said Lanpheir.

Police are warning this type of crime will likely increase over the next few months. "Keep in mind that it is coming up on the holiday season. During the holiday season we do see an increase in vehicle burglaries," explained Sandoval.

If someone breaks into your car be sure to report it to police. That way they'll be able to know what areas around town they need to be focusing on.


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