Rash of storage unit burglaries in Redding

Nov 24, 2015 1:25 PM by News Staff

Redding police say there has been a rash of storage unit break-ins over the past year and a half, leading to thousands of dollars worth of stolen goods.

The break-ins have been constant, and impacted nearly every storage facility in the City of Redding, Sgt. Shawn McGinnis said. Items stolen include firearms, tools, ATV’s, and cash.

McGinnis says most of the break-ins have been done by heroin addicts looking to get their next fix.

A large amount of the burglaries are done by people who break through the facility’s fence and then use bolt cutters on a unit’s lock. Once inside the burglars often cut through the walls of a storage unit to access a neighboring unit.

Police say they’ve also seen an increase in the amount of homeless people living inside a storage unit.

McGinnis says homeless people will rent a storage unit, live inside and scout the neighboring units, security cameras and other activity before attempting a burglary.

Anyone using a storage unit in Redding is urged to only store things that are not high value items, and to check on their items constantly. Items stolen from storage units are often pawned or sold before the owner even knows they’re missing.


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