Rash of burglaries in Anderson Heights

Mar 6, 2014 8:16 PM

A string of burglaries in Anderson Heights has residents on alert.

"It's recently escalated to more and more break-ins in the area where people's homes are being invaded, windows being climbed through, garage doors being kicked in, and fences being torn down, stuff like that," said Simone Hawley, who lives in the neighborhood.

The increase in home burglaries started last November, with three happening in one day earlier this week.

Recently, there was a breakthrough in the case when one of the members of the Anderson Police Volunteer Patrol spotted a suspicious male subject along the canal.

"Our volunteer happened to see a guy riding a bicycle up the canal, and then sneak into a backyard," said Anderson Police Lt. Rocky Harpham.

While officers weren't able to gather enough evidence to make an arrest, they were provided with leads on several possible suspects who they believe were involved in all the thefts.

"Some of the ones like the three residential ones we had earlier, the MO was the same, so that one would be the same person or team of people," Lt. Harpham said.

The police department has started neighborhood watch groups and increased patrol in the area, but it's still up to residents to stay vigilant.


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