Rancho Tehama Man Helps Develop Solar Oven

Jun 5, 2012 10:54 PM

If you're looking for a way to save money and go green when preparing your favorite meals around the house a solar oven may just do the trick. Some people are already using solar alternatives to do their cooking, but one north state man has found a way to make his solar oven stand out from the rest. It all started in December of 2011, when Rancho Tehama resident Dan Ochs was contacted by his friend about a business opportunity. The pair were able to develop a solar oven made up of two tubes of 3 mm thick glass, one larger than the other to create a vacuum that traps the heat inside. Once they found a company in China to manufacture the tubes, it was time to test the cooker out. Ochs says he was surprised how well the tubes worked. Although there are other types of solar ovens already on the market, Ochs says most models are affected by cold weather and can take all day to heat up your food, but that's not the case with the tubes he's been using.

Whatever the recipe calls for, the time, that's what this thing will do almost to the minute on a lot of things. Some are faster," he says.

Once Ochs had the tubes, he created a case to hold the cooker in place and attached a reflector to keep the sunlight directed at the oven. The next task was finding a material to hold the food in place while it cooked.

"We found these aluminum foil trays, just slid them in (the oven), and within seconds the aluminum was hot."

If the oven ever gets too hot, Ochs says giving the tubes a little shade will help regulate the temperature.

If you'd like more information about the solar oven or how you can purchase one we've posted a link under Newslinks.


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