Rainy Easter

Apr 4, 2010 8:22 PM

A Spring storm makes for a wet Easter in the North State. Close to half an inch fell Sunday and it was enough to keep downtown Chico relatively quiet. It is still early in the month, but so far April's monthly rainfall is at about one inch. "I'm not dark but I love rain, raindrops, I love driving in it, I love walking in it, I don't have an umbrella purposely," Stephen Dupuys stated. "I don't like the rain very much mostly because I don't like riding my bike in the rain, you get all wet when you get to class and you are all frazzled and it's uncomfortable," explained Chico resident Eleni Valencia.

In 1941 on this day, more than two inches of rain hit the Chico area. A year ago, there was no rain and the temperature was a little warmer. However, not as warm as it was in 1960 which hit a record high of 87 degrees, a temperature many people were wishing for. Some people tried to escape the rain by warming up at a local coffee shop. "I had a great Easter! It was a wonderful breakfast, we all got together and did the baking and cooking and I feel good but since it's so cold out, Peet's Coffee, had to come down and have some Peet's Coffee," Chico resident Anna Kearbey stated.

Besides the rain and wind, snow is also expected in the lower elevations. Mother nature isn't letting up for a few more days, and for some, it'll be a long wait.

Interstate Five is closed Northbound in Fawndale, north of Redding, due to multiple cars spinning out on icy roads. The southbound is open but chains are required.


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