Rain takes a toll on orchard's peaches

Sep 1, 2014 7:50 PM

Noble Orchards in Paradise had a different type of peach season.

"This is a rain stripe where the rain drop hit here." says Noble Orchards owner Lauri Noble.

A rainstorm last month took a toll on the peaches here.

"The rain that we had back in the beginning of August impacted them" she says "We had more than an inch here on the orchards."

Noble says some peaches are damaged from the rain. Alejandro Hernandez says they require a better inspection when they are picked.

"You need to check it, if it is no good you have to throw it on the floor."

Hernandez says it takes more time than normal to pick them.

"If it is all good you can come in and take it all faster."

The rain didn't stop them from picking the peaches. Noble Orchards is still selling the produce. Noble says they don't look like top quality peaches, but they taste like them.

"For the whole sale market we can't sell peaches with streaks on them, customers don't think they are a problem. What the water can do though can cause a damage than can start rotting and so on."

Noble says the water stripes have caused them to change their way of business. They turned to selling more here at the orchard in Paradise.

"We have been selling a lot of lugs of peaches that are damaged which are great to can with, to make jellies, jams."

She says more people have been coming to her location. She thinks business is good and time will tell what the outcome will be for the abnormal peach season.

"We adapted, it works." says Noble.


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