Rain returns soon

Dec 15, 2015 10:33 PM by Kris Kuyper

Plenty of sunshine today around the North State. That won't last, however... we've got a wet seven day forecast ahead!

The jet stream will be dropping back southward soon, and so will the storms. Skies will turn partly cloudy early Wednesday, then mostly cloudy on Thursday with a few showers near the Oregon border. Our first storm in a series will arrive Friday.

The Friday storm doesn't look too impressive, but it will bring us light rain (and snow to the mountains above around 5000'). The steady rain/mountain snow will turn to off-and-on showers this weekend.

Late Sunday and Monday, a nice surge of moisture will rotate over high pressure off of central California right into the North State. Since it will be coming straight from the west (as opposed to the southwest), the Sacramento Valley may get rain-shadowed a little by the Coast Range... although we'll still get our rain. However, the mountains will REALLY get soaked with rain (and snow above about 3500'). Another surge coming Tuesday will continue the wet weather.

Models aren't completely agreeing with each other about the particulars for next week, so the exact timing is still a bit in question. But they're both bringing lots of wet weather into northern California... exactly what we need! Plan on plenty of wet weather leading up to Christmas.


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