R-Town's Armed Guards Start Patrolling Downtown Chico

Nov 4, 2013 6:26 PM

Armed guards started patrolling downtown Chico property today.

The armed guards are with AG Private Protection. They will be patrolling "private property" downtown.

They've been hired by “R-Town,” a coalition of downtown business and property owners concerned with a relatively new feeling of bad behavior downtown.

Doug Guillon said volunteers and paid employees also make up R-Town and they were out cleaning the streets this morning.

The idea behind R-Town, Guillon said, is to make downtown what it used to be, a "jewel" of Chico.

“Everyone can see it. There's no question. There's an element that should not be down there displaying a lot of anti-social behavior, and it's going to stop,” Guillon said.

R-Town's efforts will continue through the end of December.

After that, Guillon said the city needs to take charge by passing a "sit and lie" ordinance.

He also said the real solution is a downtown "district" that functions like a shopping center.

Guillon plans on being at tomorrow night's city council meeting and says we can expect both of those proposals to be discussed.


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