R-Town: Day Two

Nov 5, 2013 6:48 PM

Tuesday was the second day that armed security guards roamed through downtown Chico.

They were hired by a group of concerned business and property owners who call themselves R-Town. Their goal: clean up downtown Chico.

“It was born out of frustration for an immediate solution for our problems downtown,” said David Halimi, an R-Town member and local business owner.

The security guards went door-to-door to speak with local business owners about the services they provide and the protection they can offer.

Daniel Solis signed the petition. He’s owned Danny’s Barbershop for the past several years and in that time downtown has deteriorated, he says.

“A lot of vandalism a lot of bums sleeping in the back of peoples shops,” Solis said. “I think it’s about that time we start cleaning that all up.”

But not everyone agrees this private patrol is a good idea.

“That’s stupid,” said Josh Coleman, who has been homeless in Chico for the past four years. “Anyone that’s really trying to get help; they’re just going to get run off.”

Coleman believes this patrol will spread the homeless problem from downtown.

“Tell them to move” he said. “Okay, they’re just going to go to the other side of town


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