"Quilts of Honor" Presented to Local Veterans

Sep 13, 2013 6:47 PM

Article submitted by Gail Tozier

"On Thursday, September 5, the Annie’s Star Quilt Guild honored 22 local Veterans by presenting them with quilts made by guild members. We started our ceremony with the local Amvet Honor Guard presenting colors then the National Anthem was sung by a Chico State student. After a brief guild meeting, we started to award our Quilts of Honor. Each quilt was taken from its case and shown to the audience of over 200 people. As the Veteran’s name was called, they stood and were escorted to the stage by one of the Honor Guard. There were three WWII Veterans. The first one hopped up the stairs to receive his quilt and I asked him how old he was. He replied “92”. I replied, “Well you sure are in good shape.”

Each WWII recipient received a standing ovation from the room. There were two fathers and sons presented and both fathers were surprised as they were Vietnam Veterans that had never been thanked. The one set were both Marines and when the father came forward, his grandson was in his arms.

When all the quilts were given out, we called up the Honor Guard and I stepped up to each one, saluted them, and handed them a Veteran’s pin.

Our guest speaker, and presenter, was Gail Belmont, Executive Director of Quilts of Honor, a Veteran herself. After the Honor Guard was brought up to retire the colors, Gail performed taps with her bugle. It was a great evening!

The next morning we met at an Assisted Living facility to award a quilt to a Vietnam veteran paraplegic named Allan. What a long time he had waited for his thank you. He was wounded in 1968. Also in the Assisted Living was a POW from WWII that we didn’t know and since we didn’t have any more quilts, we presented him with a Veteran’s Pin and pinned it on his collar. He then told me he was Army infantry and had received the Silver Star.

Annie’s Star Quilt Guild is a non-profit organization both an educational and philanthropic purpose. With monthly meetings on the first Thursday of the month at 7 PM at the Masonic Family Center, the guild has guest speakers to enrich and inspire their love of quilting, generally followed by a workshop on Friday. Members make quilts to donate to a variety of causes in the Chico area, including the library, Family Services, Chico PD, senior homes and others. Visit our website at: http://anniestarquilt.org/"

View more photos of the event on our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ActionNews1224


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