Pyrenees shot in Corning begins to make a recovery

Feb 25, 2016 12:39 PM by David McVicker

A devastating story that aired Monday is beginning to take a turn for the better.

The story of John Flournoy. His two Great Pyrenees were shot over the weekend.

One dog was found dead, the other dog Chloe is still recovering in Redding.

But veterinarians said she's not out the woods yet but she is making progress.

Flournoy said if she survives Chloe will no longer be guarding his sheep.

“I think she may be retired, she may be a house dog, they're not cheap dogs, they're worth a lot of money we've had 3 people offer to donate dogs, I can't take one right now, I just couldn't take another dog yet.”

Flournoy says his family is touched by the outpouring of support they've received.

He said it helps make dealing with this tragedy a little bit easier.

Meanwhile, no arrests have been made.

Call the Tehama County Sheriff's Office if you have any information.


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