PV High Students Honor Aaron Rodgers with Green Bay Packer Day

Jan 22, 2011 12:07 PM

Greg Darns, a PV High School Sophomore says, "We wanted to support him because he's in the big time now, about to go to the superbowl hopefully." Megan Coletti, Green Bay Day Coordinator says, "It's really inspiring! We love Aaron Rogers!"

Students of Pleasant Valley High School are celebrating 'Green Bay Packer Day' in a huge way. Many were sporting giant cheese heads, and yellow/green colors from head to toe.. All in support of PV High grad Aaron Rodgers.

Megan says, "The Green Bay Packers are now in the playoffs and possibly going to the Super Bowl and Aaron Rodgers came here and we're all really stoked." Members of the student council coordinated the event and really got into it. But it wasn't only the students displayed Packer pride. Coaches, teachers, and family friends got into it, too.

Rodgers High School Coach, Bill Haley says, "Aaron's always been a talented guy. Always been very humble. Great teammate, team player." Lee-Ann Calhoon, PV High teacher and family friend says,"I'm beyond excited! I sent a message to all the parents in my class yesterday."

The P.V. High Spanish teacher and family friend of the Rodgers family, her classroom was covered in Rodgers fan gear. From posters, to jerseys, to little knick-knacks of all kinds. Even her wardrobe included Rodgers earrings, pants, and even green bay shoes. Lee-Ann says, "Of course he went to school here, so he's a really good influence."

And t

he students just seem to love him. A group of PV High students shout, "Go Packers!! Go Aaron!!"


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