PV High Loses Marching Band

May 4, 2012 7:51 PM

Pleasant Valley High School in Chico may lose an integral part of its school spirit, the marching band.

You see them performing during halftime events at football games, marching in city parades, and pumping up the crowd at school assemblies.. But next year that's will change for students at Pleasant Valley High School. Band Director Dan Holmes says, "That's just something we have to say good bye to." "It's just not going to be the same. It's going to be kind of sad with out it I guess," says Junior Gage Cranfill.

The P.V. High band is a staple of school spirit at most sporting events for the school. And students say they're sad, that tradition will be over. Senior Mario Yanes says, "It's a melting pot of just a lot of different people. Just coming together to do one thing, and that's just play and love music."

The band currently has 30 members; a third of them are seniors. Which means next year there will be a gaping hole in the ensemble. And band leader Dan Holmes says he just can't seem to fill it. "Music education was cut here in the elementary schools six years ago, creating a domino affect in the junior high schools. It's a matter of starting kids in elementary school."

And it may not just be for a year. "We could potentially go four years without a band and to have a fully functioning band it's going to take about eight," says Holmes.

Holmes says the only way to fix this problem in the future, is for the school district to reinstate mandatory music programs in elementary school. But until then, band members are soaking up their last month with music alive on campus. Cranfill says, "I don't know how much people think they're going to miss it now, but I think they'll miss it once it's gone." "Without a band, you're not going to see as much school spirit. At a school that lacks school spirit already, it's going to be interesting," says Yanes.

The last Pleasant Valley High School Band concert will be May 14th at 7. It will be in the performing arts center on campus and free to the public. After that... who knows?


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