Proposed Wal-Mart expansion met with resistance

Aug 27, 2015 4:07 PM by News Staff, Photo: Facebook

The Chico Walmart is once again trying to expand its Forest Avenue store, and the effort is once again being met with resistance.

Six years ago the Chico City Council rejected Walmart's proposed expansion, but the company has re-submitted plans to the city's planning staff.

A Facebook group “Stop Chico Walmart Expansion” has been established to stop the expansion of the Forest Avenue store. Opponents of the expansion say the “super store” would kill competition from small and independent grocers and retailers, drive business away from downtown and worsen the traffic situation in East Chico.

Supporters of the expansion say the project would create 85 jobs and boost the local economy.

New additions compared to the plan submitted in 2009 include a gas station and a grocery pickup program that would allow customers to get their items without getting out of the car.

There is no timeline on when the plan will be reviewed or when construction could begin.


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