Proposed State Budget Impacts On Education

Jan 10, 2013 7:29 PM

It's welcome news for administrators, and students. Fiscal relief in the form of a new state budget proposed by Governor Jerry Brown that could raise funding for education from 53.2 billion dollars, to 56.2 billion. That revenue, paired with the funds collected by the passing of proposition 30 could mitigate major impacts to schools in Chico. "The amount that we would have had to cut going into 13-14 was in the tune of at least, at least six million dollars," according to CUSD Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, Maureen Fitzgerald.

The possible increase in funding has administrators rejoicing, since cutting another six million dollars would have been devastating after the past few years of layoffs, and additional funding cuts. Fitzgerald told our crews "the only way to get there would be to reduce the school year, which again, furloughs pay, because you're paying people for fewer days. As well as do deeper cuts into the classroom. Higher class sizes, and across the board pay reductions."

But it's not just good news for kindergarten through high school. The new proposed budget also calls for a halt in tuition hikes for higher education over the next four years. News that gave Chico state students, like Courtney Cutchen, reason for relief. "We were all expecting them to raise it this year, but four years? That's pretty great." The proposal also caps the number of units a college student can take.

It's still not clear exactly how the additional 2.7 billion in revenue would be distributed, but if the budget is passed, educators, and students will be breathing a little easier in 2013.


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