Proposed ordinance could end couch burning problem in Chico

Nov 30, 2015 10:13 PM

Pretty soon, if the Chico Fire Department gets its way, having a couch on your front porch or lawn could cost you. The idea is to stem the problem of chronic couch burning in Chico and tomorrow night, the chico city council takes up the issue.

The ordinance would ban any indoor furniture placed outdoors viewable from a public right of way.
Fire officials say within the last 12 months Chico Fire responded to more than 200 intentionally set fires, 124 of those included mattress and couch fires.

Porch couches are pretty common in the Downtown and South Campus areas. Reaction from students living in the area gave mixed reviews. Some say couch burning is a chico tradition, others say they understand why the fire department is proposing the ordinance.

Chico City Council will hear and could vote on this in Tuesday nights meeting.
If approved, the ordinance goes into effect immediately, but will only be enforced after an educational outreach period. The new rules would call for a fine of up to $600.


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