Proposed Idea Could Limit Student Drinking

Mar 8, 2013 7:27 PM

The Community Action Summit collected idea's from more than four hundred Chico State students, faculty, and community leaders about ways to curtail the perception that the school has a drinking problem. Now, one of those ideas seems to be gaining momentum, offering additional required classes on Fridays. "If you have a class, not to mention a test, or some assignment due on a Friday, that's going to affect what you do on Thursdays," according to Chico State Spokesperson Joe Wills.

Wills told Action News that Friday classes have decreased over time due to a lack of interest. "People like having Fridays off, that would include faculty as well."

Adding those classes back is now becoming a popular option, but students, like Hilary House, say it might not be an easy change to implement. "Realistically, a lot of college students go out on a Thursday. So, having it required on a Friday just doesn't make sense. Because realistically, a lot of people won't show up, they won't do well in those classes." But Chico State student Samantha Kurland disagrees. "If there's more classes, then I'd feel like more kids might feel a little more responsible, and not go out as much on Thursday nights."

The benefit of additional classes would not stop at containing the weekends to Friday through Sunday. Wills says it could also keep students from having their class schedule bottleneck earlier in the week. "They can't juggle their schedule, they've got all their classes on one day, or they're having trouble with scheduling. It stands to reason that if we had more classes during the week, that might help."

There is currently no time table set on when the extra classes could be added, but administrators told Action News the earliest they could put any changes in place would be next semester.


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