Proposed Glenn County travel center stirs tax controversy

Mar 17, 2015 8:04 PM

Orland city officials are hoping a new travel stop off Interstate 5 will bring in more revenue for the city, but the county is also hoping to cash in on the project. Travel stop company "Pilot Flying J" is proposing a new travel center near Orland.

Other cities off I-5, like Corning, depend on truck stops and other travel related business that bring in tax revenue. Orland City Manager Peter Carr wants the same for Orland.

"This kind of investment brings in not only 75 jobs to Orland, but additional shopping opportunities."

"Pilot Flying J" is planning to put a travel stop off Highway 32 and I-5, but the land where it is supposed to be built is county property.

The City of Orland is trying to annex the land, but Glenn County officials want a share of the taxes on the land that they developed infrastructure on years ago. Carr says the city is willing to share the property taxes, but not the sales taxes.

"The sales taxes in that area, the city needs to be able to provide the services that are going to be required so the city has to been willing to share those sales taxes." says Peter Carr.

Glenn County Financial Director Edward Lamb says since the county is allowing the city to annex the land it wants half of the future sales tax.

"We want to see it happen and we want to work with Orland and Willows and everyone in the county because it benefits the county if we can get someone in here that is going to be a revenue generator."

City and county officials are still working on an agreement to get the property annexed. Although both want the new travel stop to be built, the project won't start until a tax sharing compromise is reached.


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