Proposal to End California's Statute of Limitaitons on Sexual Violence Crimes

Apr 15, 2016 1:03 PM by Hayley Skene

A new measure would get rid of the ten year statute of limitation for child molestation and rape cases in California.
The bill cleared it first hurdle Tuesday, passing a committee that previously rejected similar efforts.
The case of sexual assault charges against Bill Cosby prompted this measure; several accusers in the case are unable to bring charges because they didn't come forward sooner.
Every crime except for murder has a time limit for charges to be pressed.
But a rep from Rape Crisis Intervention in Chico said victims of sexual violence have many hurdles that interfere with reporting what has happened to them.
It often takes years for them to feel ready to come forward, and as the law now stands, it is often too late when they finally do.
Butte County District Attorney Michael Ramsey said "it would be a good thing to make sure that we have justice in those cases."
Opponents of the proposal argue that a victim's memory may be unclear on a decade old incident, especially if the victim was a child at the time.
But according to Rocky Cruz at Rape Crisis: "I believe people remember when they were raped.. I mean, that's pretty big. Those things sear into people's minds."
Nevada is the only state that has extended the sexual violence statute of limitations to 20 years.
Colorado and Oregon are considering doing the same.
California's bill would go farther by ending it entirely for rapes and molestations committed starting next year.


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