Property Pal

Jun 25, 2012 7:31 PM

" We were talking about how technology is changing, how can we protect ourselves, make us more efficient, go green", said Property Pal founder Paul Cooper. And with those questions, Cooper and his staff came up with the idea of Property Pal, a newly released app designed to make the move-in and move-out process easier for both tenants and property managers alike. " We're in between both. We're protecting our owner's investments, while we're also protecting our residents security deposits", said Cooper.
Property Pal was released in January, and can be purchased for a one-time fee on IPhones, IPads, and ITouches. The system is completely paperless, and allows owners and property managers to complete detailed inspections. The program can document nearly any flaw, and holds up to 400 pictures per property. " It's also going to save a lot of gas, time, I'll save thousands of cases of paper just in my office alone", explained Cooper.
The new system is already making headway in the property management industry, and is being used throughout the United States. Keep the app local was important though, which is why it was developed and designed by Chico State students. " As a programmer and developer, nothing makes me happier than writing codes that people can actually get some benefit out of", said Alex Williams, lead developer of the app.
Many are benefiting thanks to this innovative app. An app that's helping shape and change an industry. " It's to make us look outside the box and not be the same property managers we were 30 years ago", said Cooper. Williams ads " I definitely have faith that this is going to succeed".


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