Pro football player gets tattoo in Orland

Mar 5, 2016 10:35 PM by Ross Field

A professional football player paid a visit to Orland on Saturday to get some new ink at a local tattoo shop. Who would've thought?

"Yeah, I mean who would have thought, he's here chilling with me getting work done," said Joser Rosales of Explozo's Custom Tattoos.

It's not everyday that an NFL player pays a visit to Orland.

"So far I love the town, I've been at home since I've been here," said Jordan Poyer.

Cleveland Browns safety Jordan Poyer in the house. A former All-American for Oregon State, he's taking a break from the off-season grind to get a new design from Joser Rosales of Explozo's Custom Tattoos.

"I'm getting the rest of my sleeve done on my left side. I'm getting a bible verse, some roses and some doves just to kind of cover it up," Poyer said. "I'm a little nervous because I'm finally going below my elbow but I'm excited though."

"I know a lot of high profile athletes are going to be able to take a look at it so I definitely don't want to slip on anything and make sure I'm on my game," said Rosales.

So how on Earth did these two hook up? You can thank former Butte College safety David Sims for that. He went on to have a cup of coffee in the league and at one point had a locker nearby Poyer's when they were both with the Eagles.

"I saw some of his ink and I asked him where he had it done and he linked me up with Joser and we were able to set up a time and a place to get our first work done. Ever since then I've been coming back to him," said Poyer.

Rosales has three tattoos for Poyer.

"You know I trust him, I trust his ideas and his style and that's why I flew out here to come get some work done," said Poyer.

When our cameras were at Explozo's, they were still in the early stages of the tattoos, putting together outlines and stencils. It's something that will take several hours to complete.

"Usually about eight hour sessions," Rosales said. "He's not afraid to sit there and I'm not afraid to put down the work."

Work that Rosales hopes will lead to other professional athletes coming to him in the future.

"It would be really nice if it continued growing and I got to tattoo more athletes. This is what I'm looking to do," said Rosales.

"I have no doubt in my mind that he'll start tattooing more NFL players, any athletes for that matter," added Poyer.


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