Previously Convicted Child Molester Convicted Again By Butte County Jury

May 30, 2013 1:43 PM

Bryan Scott Owen, a 50-year-old man previously sent to prison in 1992 for molesting his daughters, was convicted yesterday by a Butte County Superior Court for molesting another biological daughter, according to a press release from the district attorney’s office.

Owen, previously convicted on four counts of child molestation over 20 years ago, was convicted yesterday by an eight man, four woman jury for continuously sexually abusing a minor. The victims in the past cases were his biological daughters, aged five and six at the time. Owen’s victim in the current case was also a biological daughter, age 12, Owen had with a separate woman.

Owen’s most recent victim described to the court how her father molested her at the home she shared with her mother and the defendant in Oroville, and stated her mother was gone when the molestations occurred. Owen's previous victims, now adults, testified during the trial their molestations also occurred in the family home when their mother was not present, according to the release.The most recent victim was moved out of the family home when she was 10 years old due to domestic violence between her mother and Owen.

Owen, who testified in his own defense, acknowledged his prior convictions but denied he had touched the most recent victim inappropriately. But during cross examination, Deputy District Attorney Stacy Edwards got Owen to concede he had previously molested his past victims as a result of “stress and drug triggers” in his life, and eventually acknowledged those same “triggers” had resurfaced in his “new life” with his most recent victim.

The jury was in deliberation for four hours before returning their guilty verdict. Owen is scheduled to be sentenced on July 16, potentially facing 93 years to life in prison.


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