President Zingg to CSUC Campus: "Look out for each other "

Jan 30, 2014 7:49 PM

Chico State President Paul Zingg delivered a sympathetic message to Chico State students on YouTube.

He felt the need to get in front of the camera to deliver a more personal, impactful message after the deaths of two more Chico State students.

“It’s weird to get these e-mails and it's like god, things keep happening, like bad things. It's sad,” Chico State Junior Kayla Naron said.

Coming from Butte College, and now in her second semester at Chico State, she isn't used to so many bad things.

As a freshman, neither is Evan Roberts.

“I'm sad for this campus and all the students around me, this environment, this culture that brings death, [and] brings sadness,” Roberts said.

“If you see somebody struggling, it's important to look after them,” said Chico State Senior Raman Rattenpal. “We're all kind of a big family.”

In a nutshell, that was the message Chico State President Paul Zingg delivered to Chico State students via a YouTube video.

“I thought I needed to do something more,” Zingg said. “And you also run the risk of e-mails and announcements getting stale. I wanted to reflect in a very personal way, the impact of this particular tragedy and yes, connect it to others.”

Susan Henderson is a nurse manager at the Neuro Trauma Surgical ICU at Enloe Medical Center.

She and her team are on the front lines of caring for trauma patients... Usually young and healthy, many times, Chico State students.

“Sometimes just bad things happen. But if people do take just a minute to think about the decisions they're making then that might be helpful,” Henderson said.

“I just hope that students are reached through these deaths and maybe take a pause and how it relates to them and what they're doing with their lives,” Roberts said.

“We cheer together, we laugh together and we grieve together. And all of those emotions flow pretty naturally,” Zingg said.

Zingg said he'd like to see more participation in the University's red watch program, which encourages students to stick together and speak up. Hundreds are members, but he says thousands are needed.


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