Prep pigskin preview: Corning

Aug 14, 2015 1:08 AM by Ross Field


Corning finished 6-5 last season and played their way into the D-3 playoffs where they lost to Orland in the first round.

Traditionally, the Cardinals are known for their stout rushing attack, and one of last season's top rushers, Alex Davila is back.

But Corning head coach John Studer, who assumed the role of quarterback during seven-on-seven drills, wants to open it up this year. He's seeking more of a balanced offensive attack and hopes that's the ticket to playing deep into November.

"We need to develop our passing game a little bit more. We are traditionally a run-oriented team, but as we get into playoffs the defenses we go against are so strong that in my opinion you're going to have to mix it up a little bit better than we have been able to do these last few years," says Studer.

"We have a strong line this year and our backfield is really fast, we just need to keep working hard," says Cole Parker, offensive and defensive lineman.

"We've all kind of been playing together since we've been in elementary school, so we kind of know who we are and what we need to accomplish. I think this year, right now is pretty much the best we've ever been." says Alex Davila, running back.


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