Power Outages In North State..

Feb 25, 2011 8:25 PM

After the largest storm the north state has seen so far this winter, many homes and businesses were dark Friday. 11 thousand homes in Paradise were left without power. And across the north state..a whopping 31 thousand power outages.

"The numbers were seeing today are pretty significant." PG&E spokesperson Paul Moreno says in most cases power outages are usually affected by heavy winds or cars crashing into utility poles, but he says this storm's power outages seems to be caused by something unique.. "Low elevation snow falls can cause a lot of problems in areas where they don't normally get snow fall.. Due to fallen trees and impacts of snow on power lines."

Which brought PG&E crews who normally work in the valley, headed up to snowy elevations to help with the restoration.. Over 100 PG&E crews.

Which can be an inconvenience for many residents.. but most were prepared for the worst.

Many Paradise residents had their wood stoves burning, and flashlights ready a head of time. And instead of staying home in the dark, kids played in the snow, some took dogs for a walk and others took out their skis and enjoyed the weather. Carol and Jack say, "It's great fun. It's beautiful. It is really enjoyable out today."

Meemy Willis and Jerry Wolfe of Paradise says, "This doesn't happen everyday, but when it does you just have to prepare yourself." Paradise Residents Carol and Jack Montgomery say, "We're pretty well used to it. In the 1990 storm we were out of power for 7 days so we were prepared."

officials say they should have most of the power restored by tonight or early tomorrow morning.


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