Possible New Parking Restrictions

Jul 5, 2010 7:49 PM

Tubers floating down the Sacramento River may soon be forced to follow new parking rules. The Butte County Board of Supervisors is proposing a new ordinance. It would restrict parking along the east side of River Road from West Sacramento Avenue to Highway 32. It also affects both sides of Highway 32 from the Sacramento River to River Road. The State Department of Parks and Recreation supports the idea. "We feel that it would take a lot of pressure off both River Road and Highway 32 when we have a large number of visitation to tube down the river," Denise Rist, Valley Sector Superintendent stated.

The department is proposing to build a parking lot next year, which would be partly funded by a grant. It would be in an area where a walnut orchard currently is and would accommodate about 50 cars. There would also be an over-flow area, which would allow another 50 to 100 vehicles to park. In addition, there would be restrooms and picnic tables.

Some tubers say they have mixed feelings about the ordinance. "It could be kind of full, but at the same time it would make it kind of easier for the cops to notice who was drunk because it would be one exit point from that parking lot," tuber Michelle Minnick explained.

Others think it is a good idea like the owner of Scotty's Landing. "It would take the traffic off the road and the people off the road. I think it is one of the best ideas that has happened here in long, long time," John Scott said.

The ordinance has not yet been adopted. If it does pass, Glenn County would not be affected by the new restrictions.


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