Port slowdown causes major problems for North State nut industry

Feb 19, 2015 7:04 PM by Brian Johnson

The port slowdown in Oakland is taking its toll on the North State nut industry.

Forty six employees of Omega Walnut in Orland are currently without work until movement picks up at the port, 150 miles away.

Plant Manager Jake Cecil said they have 40 loads of walnuts stuck there, even though they've already been contracted and sold.

Though he knows the two sides will eventually come to an agreement, he has long-term concerns as well.

"Why can't these port workers be federalized such as the air traffic controllers so that when we do have this issue, that we have a reasonable response when it starts affecting other families and our economy?" Cecil said.

North State based Western Nut Company said they exported 1/6th the number of walnuts and almonds they usually would in January.


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