Popular local magazine expands into multiple boutiques

Apr 7, 2014 7:19 PM

A popular magazine that serves Northern California has captured the attention of many locals, it turned into its own boutique.

James Mazzotta has a fascination with all things local, which explains why for eight years, he's been the business development manager for "Enjoy" magazine; and now -- "Enjoy" the store.

"I had an epiphany...where people have a place to put their products."

The boutique focuses on locally sourced products like jewelry, bath essentials, music and food.

"They make really good dark chocolate peanut butter cups..."

This October "Enjoy" will celebrate its fourth year of providing exotic, local merchandise to the North State community.

"I really like how people have discovered shopping local and buying local...there's no reason to have to go anywhere else."

When "Enjoy" first opened, it carried merchandise from 56 vendors -- now the store contracts with more than 1300.

"...it's like Christmas morning every day for me when we get new products...and the joy it brings the vendors is just amazing."

The idea for the store came after readers began contacting the magazine, asking where they can buy some of the creations featured in their spread.

"I really like the beeswax candles and the crochet stuff and dishes...it's very different."

Her attitude echoes throughout the North State community, and that's what James says will create a better economy.

"It keeps the money here and allows people to be employed and work..."

And it already seems to be happening.

"Enjoy" has a second store in Red Bluff, and there's talk of expanding its local footprint to outside markets.

"...three years ago we opened the store and it's been an amazing success...we are on our expansion move to give "Enjoy" to other communities."

The boutique just signed a deal to open a store in the "Shasta Wine Village" off I-5.

Aside from its stores, "Enjoy" magazine also plans to expand into other markets.


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