Pope Francis addresses Congress

Sep 24, 2015 9:10 PM

Though happening across the country, religious or not, The Pontiff's historic address is impacting people of all walks of life.
Congressman Doug LaMalfa was in attendance and spoke to Action News Now reporter Vanessa Vasconcelos by phone about the address.

Amid all of the excitement surrounding Pope Francis' visit, there is still controversy.
He moved many lawmakers, some even to tears, but Pope Francis said he was speaking to all Americans.

Congressman LaMalfa says it was an honor to be in the same room as the Pontiff.
During his first ever Congressional address Pope Francis said he's deeply worried by the political and social world today.
He addressed immigration, the death penalty and protection for human life at every stage of development.

Though numerous political views were in attendance, LaMalfa says reaction was respectful, "There might have been a little more applause than was appropriate, but I think he did a great job at keeping things more inclusive, rather than getting into a divide of things."

Congressman LaMalfa went on to say. the occasion was monumental.
Pope Francis has arrived in New York where he will speak to the UN General Assembly tomorrow.

He will also visit the 9-11 memorial and deliver mass to thousands at Madison Square Garden.


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