Poll: Drought top concern in California

Jun 5, 2015 2:43 PM by News Staff

For the first time ever, Californians see water and drought as the most important issue facing the state, and most people say their neighbors aren't doing enough to conserve.

A new poll by The Public Policy Institute of California shows more than a third, or 39 percent of residents, named water and the drought as the most pressing state issue, followed by jobs and the economy.

The survey also found that just 28 percent of Californians believe people in their part of the state are doing the right amount to respond to the drought, while 60 percent say that their neighbors are not doing enough.

Poll results are no longer available.

When asked about Governor Brown's handling of the drought, 47 percent of Californians approve, 38 percent disapprove, and 15 percent don't know. Brown's overall approval rating is slightly higher at 52 percent.

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