Police: Rise in mail box thefts in Chico

Jan 25, 2016 6:31 PM by News Staff

Chico Police are hoping residents will help them deliver justice to those who try to steal mail.

Investigators said they have seen an increase in individuals trying to pry open community mailboxes throughout the city. Ed Nelson with the Chico Police advised residents to report any suspicious individuals in neighborhoods and, if possible, to provide any description, including race, sex, age, clothing, vehicle description, and direction of travel.

Nelson also said to take the following steps if mailboxes are broken into:

  • If you find a mailbox has been broken into, please file a report with the police department here.
  • “This allows us to see crime trends so we know where to focus our resources,” Nelson wrote in a release. “Under most circumstances, the police will not fingerprint the mailboxes. If there is evidence left behind, an officer may be dispatched to collect it for evidence.”
  • You should also file a report with the United States Postal Service here.
  • Set a fraud alert. Contact one or all of the three major credit bureaus and receive a notice if any inquires on your credit are taken out in the next three months.
  • Monitor and scour credit reports for signs of identity theft. Check for any suspicious activity, and dispute fraudulent items.


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