Police offer tips to stop holiday theft tradition

Dec 17, 2014 12:59 PM by News Staff

With the holiday season in full swing and people reporting a rise in vehicle burglaries, area police departments are warning residents to be aware of their surroundings.

In Paradise alone, there have been 10 vehicle burglary reports in just the last 10 days. The majority of burglaries have occurred in the parking lots of local businesses.

Police also say a major concern around the holiday season deals with the thefts of packages. Authorities recommend that, when possible, people should arrange to pick up packages at delivery service locations, or requesting a signature or package delivery notification that lets you know exactly when your package arrives.

The Anderson Police Department has provided the following 12 tips for holiday season vehicle safety:

1) Do not leave your vehicle unattended when warming it up. It takes less than five seconds to steal an unattended running vehicle. Many vehicles are stolen from the driveway or street fronting one's residence.

2) Keep your vehicle locked with the windows up at all times and ensure the doors are locked before walking away.

3) Never leave your keys inside your vehicle.

4) Don't leave packages and presents inside your vehicle in plain view. This creates an opportunity for thieves to target your vehicle.

5) Park in well-lit areas.

6) Never leave children unattended inside your vehicle.

7) Park as close as you can to your destination and remember where you parked.

8) Locate your keys and have them in hand when approaching your vehicle.

9) Do not approach your vehicle alone if there are suspicious people around it; ask for assistance from store security for an escort before leaving the store.

10) Keep your purse secured to your person and don't set it down in your shopping cart or on your vehicle when loading/unloading items.

11) Be aware of your surroundings. Be mindful of what is going on around you and stay alert.

12) When possible shop with a friend or family member. (Strength in numbers)


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