Police: Man arrested after two-hour standoff

Feb 14, 2015 10:43 AM by David McVicker

Police detained a man Friday afternoon after a two-hour standoff in Kelly Ridge. No one was injured during the incident.

Butte county sheriffs received a report of a man wandering around Lakeside Market at 5250 Olive Highway. The suspect was in the store wearing a motorcycle helmet, sunglasses and a jacket and was swinging a large knife. Store employee said the man had been walking throughout the store for more than two hours before the call.

Employees cleared the store of customers and locked the store with the man inside. Further investigation determined the identity of the man. When family members arrived on scene, they confirmed to officers that the suspect suffered from mental instability.

Butte County Sheriff's Crisis Negotiation Team were called to end the standoff peacefully. After failed attempts to draw the suspect out, police deployed a TASER in an attempt to apprehend the suspect. The suspect retreated back into the store.

Negotiators reestablished contacts and were able to detain the suspects without further incident. First responders said the suspect did not receive any injuries during the incident.

Police said the suspect's name is not being released due to the nature of the incident.


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