Police hold multi-agency child abduction training in Shasta County

Oct 30, 2014 7:49 PM

Law enforcement from all over the North State, including Corning and Yreka, were out in full force today in Shasta County.
They were looking for a young boy who was abducted -- fortunately -- it was just a training exercise.

This is all part of CART, or the Child Abduction Response Team's training.
Today, dozens of law enforcement agents combed through a neighborhood in Shasta Lake to look for a missing boy.

"We're looking for an eight-year old boy that's gone missing from a bus stop..."

Ryan Jackson was last seen here in the Windsor Estates Subdivision, early this morning in Shasta Lake.

"We have various teams canvassing the area...we've recovered potentially the backpack of the missing juvenile...we are still contacting neighbors to see if there's anything suspicious in the neighborhood."

Role players from the Shasta County Sheriff's Office and around the neighborhood had key information on potential suspects, and Ryan's whereabouts before his disappearance.

A neighbor who lives right across from the bus stop where Ryan usually waits says a few months ago, she spotted a man in a blue pickup truck who looked like he was casing the area.

A mother and her young son -- a friend of Ryan's -- told police she had never seen the blue pickup in the neighborhood.

"She felt it was out of place for the neighborhood...we did get a lead on a vehicle maybe being involved in today's incident that is similar..."

All these potential leads, after hours of talking to a dozen potential witnesses -- or suspects.

"We have various personnel from different agencies who are not all versed in the same discipline as law enforcement investigative techniques. The more training we give, the more versed they are to plug in when needed in that specific area."

Police didn't find Ryan at the end of the exercise -- Sgt. Greene says that would be more likely to happen in a perfect world.
CART was formed back in 2010, and the team has been activated twice -- once in 2012, and last year in Tehama County when Marysa Nichols went missing.


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