Police clean 2 transient camps in Redding

Oct 14, 2015 1:39 PM by News Staff

Redding police conducted two major transient cleanups Tuesday, one in a major city storm drain and another on private property.

Since launching the Code Enforcement Team in January, the department has received numerous reports of illegal transient camps in the open land along the east side of South Bechelli Lane, north of South Bonnyview Road.

This week the property owner began clearing brush and other vegetation used by transients to hide their illegal camping equipment. While this work is ongoing, police have been citing or arresting trespassers.

The second major cleanup occurred in a storm drain on the north side of Lowe’s.

Over the past several months, Code Enforcement has received complaints regarding transients living in a storm drain on Cypress Avenue. The storm drain in question is probably the largest in Redding, running from Cypress Avenue next to Taylor Motors, to the north side of Lowe’s, under the entire shopping center.

On Tuesday, police were joined by crews from the Redding Storm Drain Utility and Service Master crews to clean the storm drain.

Police hope that as their efforts move forward they will be able to move people out of the camps and into social services.


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