Police: Anderson man stabbed during meth-fueled rampage

Mar 31, 2015 11:59 AM by News Staff

A 19-year-old man was stabbed and then arrested Monday night after going on a meth-fueled rampage through an Anderson neighborhood, police said.

According to a press release, officers were called to a home on Knobcone Avenue around 11 p.m. after reports that a man had thrown a rock through a window and was now trying to climb inside.

When officers arrived, they found Phillip Ault standing outside the home, exhibiting signs of methamphetamine use. As officers tried to take Ault into custody he became combative and was tased twice.

After Ault was in custody, investigators learned he had followed a woman to her home from a nearby store, then punched her in the face. Officers say the woman fled to a neighbor's house as Ault threatened to kill her.

A neighbor let the woman inside and locked Ault out. Ault then began yelling about how the house was now his and that it was his mother's mansion. He then threw a brick through a front window and tried climbing inside. As Ault made his way through the broken window the resident stabbed him in the arm.

After being stabbed, Ault retreated into the front yard where he was held until police arrived.

The woman who was punched by Ault suffered minor injuries. Ault was treated for his stab wound and then taken to the Shasta County Jail where he is being held on bail for criminal threats, residential burglary, vandalism, assault and resisting arrest.


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