Pleasant Valley Volleyball Raising Money for Cancer Research

Oct 17, 2013 7:51 PM

If you've watched pro football lately, you might have noticed the athletes sporting a little pink.

But it's not just the pro athletes showing their support for breast cancer awareness, a local high school volleyball team is joining in.

The Pleasant Valley volleyball program is hosting a one-day event called "Fight Like a Viking Night," and the goal is to raise money for cancer research and treatment.

For the Pleasant Valley girls volleyball program, breast cancer is something that hits close to home..

"My grandma had cancer and she's a survivor," said Sydney Stanley.

"A lot of players on our team, it's special to them. They've all been touched by this so it's important for us to do this and to give back," said Brooke Fogel.

"Dave Davis, our long-time varsity coach who I replaced, we had a mother of a player who had cancer and the girls said they wanted to do something, and so he started this tradition and the last couple years we have not done it, so I asked his permission to bring it back, and kind've expand it, so this is kind've our big even," said JJ Mitchell.

"We're auctioning off our pink uniforms tonight, we have a bake good sale, everyone made homemade goodies to bring and auction and we've just been trying to spread the word, I know that our whole football team is coming, it's going to be a really special night," said Fogel.

"Besides the baked goods, the silent auction items, and every person that comes tonight, a dollar of their admission if they're in pink, will be donated to the American Cancer Society by the P-V athletic program," said Mitchell.

"I think it means a lot to give back and help raise money for cancer," added Stanley.

The Viking volleyball players say their goal is to raise $1,000.


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