Playing the lottery could be emotionally harmful

Dec 17, 2013 6:59 PM

This Lotto jackpot is a life changer: $636 million.

Here in the North State, tons of people are buying tickets--hoping to cash in on the prize.

At Finnegan's Jug Liquor in Chico, Lotto sales are through the roof because just the thought of winning of all that money takes people away to another place.

But when the drawing is over and reality comes crashing back down the psychology of playing the Lotto is rough.

“It’s like dreaming about what’s in your Christmas present but at least your Christmas packages are going to pay off,” said local psychologist Nancy Calkins. “For the Lotto, the odds are really bad.”

Really, really bad: A mere 1 in 259 million, according to lottery officials.

And for those that do pick the right numbers, winning can actually be harder to deal with than losing.

“If you don’t know how to manage money and you’re going to get a lot of attention that you’re not used to,” Calkins said. “So your life is not yours anymore.


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