Players Remember Chico State Football Coach Pete Riehlman

Jul 13, 2013 8:41 PM

A special memorial service was held for legendary Chico State football coach Pete Riehlman.

Several friends and family gathered at Lakeside Pavilion in Chico to honor his memory.

Riehlman died in Paradise on June 6th. He was 79.

On the football field, he guided Chico State squads to plenty of success in the late 1960s and early '70s, highlighted by a Camellia Bowl victory over Boise State in 1971.

Riehlman is a member of the Chico Sports Hall of Fame and a member of the Chico State Hall of Fame as well.

Some of Riehlman's former players said the coach left an impact on them that lasted for many years after their playing days.

"The things he taught us, the values he taught us at Chico were phenomenal but they really became values when you were away and doing things, had your family, you were working in business. I made the comment today, everybody was blessed to have the opportunity to meet Pete Riehlman, he helped shape people's lives," said Dan Dutton.

"He was a man who took you under his wing, who had strength who taught you not just to kill people as football did back then, but he taught you how to live life, he gave you a toughness that people strive for and don't often get especially today," added Chris Pane.


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