'Playborhood' pops up in Redding park

Jan 24, 2015 7:03 PM by Charlene Cheng

Rolling Hills Park is a small but well-kept piece of land in the Mark Lake area of Redding, but for the neighborhood kids, it's not their favorite place to play.

"It's not as fun because there's no playground. You just have to bring a ball and then you call play ball," said eight-year-old Madison Jones.

The staff at Healthy Shasta disagrees that kids need a costly permanent play structure to have fun.

With some bicycles, sporting equipment, and a sandbox, the park was transformed into the ultimate play area.

The term 'playborhood' comes from a book by Mike Lanza. Its all about creating spaces that entice kids to want to play outdoors.

"It could just be something in a front yard, it could be in a park, but it's kind of just a fun word to bring kids outside," said Sara Lundquist, a Health Education Specialist with Shasta County Public Health.

Parents are hoping that this could be the first step to creating a park that their kids would want to visit.

"We find paraphernalia and garbage, and I think if there were more people coming here it would chase away people that would be worried people are looking at them," Jessy Cox said.

"I think it would be great for the community to get together, get to know their neighbors," Nigel Skeet added.

On Friday, Healthy Shasta is hosting a conference at Sequoia Middle School to discuss "Trails, 'Playborhoods,' & Safe Routes."

"Playborhood" author Mike Lanza will be speaking at the event.

You can visit Healthy Shasta's website to learn more.


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