Pi Kappa Alpha Plans to Appeal 3-Year Suspension

May 9, 2013 12:09 PM

The Lambda Psi Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha at the California State University, Chico stated in a press release today they plan on appealing the three year suspension placed on them by the university earlier this week.

In the release, the chapter stated "The Lambda Psi Chapter seeks to support the University in every way possible, however given the University climate and the most recent action by University officials with the suspension of all Greek Life for some period and the Chapter’s lack of judicial history with the University, they believe given the facts the punishment is unjust."

The chapter claimed they were known on campus for "its clean judicial record since its early days as a Colony and now a Chapter has never faced the conduct process before. Lambda Psi Chapter has long prided itself to respect the University’s position – at all times."

The Chapter was suspended for three years for hosting an "Around the World" progressive party April 13 at three different private homes in downtown Chico. Alcohol was available at all three houses. No social functions, even excluding alcohol, were permitted this spring for Greek chapters. Pi Kappa Alpha was expressly warned by Student Life and Leadership staff not to hold the April 13th party, but did so anyway. The Sigma Chi fraternity was also suspended for 2 years earlier this week.

The chapter stated "due to the behavior of two graduating seniors of the chapter, co-hosting a social event off campus on April 13, 2013, even though they were instructed not to by chapter officers and expelled for their individual action, has led to the 3 year suspension from the University."

Joe Wills, Director of Public Affairs with the university, stated they have not recieved a formal appeal from the fraternity yet, but are expecting one within the 10-day filing period. Wills also stated it is too soon to say how the chapter's appeal will go, but ensured Action News the university will listen to the fraternitiy's appeal, and will consider the chapter's overall track record in handing down a decision.


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