PG&E Winter Gas Savings Program

Dec 29, 2010 5:56 PM

PG&E Spokesman, Paul Moreno says, "It's a great opportunity to save money and conserve gas."

PG&E began it's annual winter gas savings program Monday. Which will give customers credit on their bill when they reduce gas usage during January and February of next year. Paul says, "For every percent point you reduce, we'll give you an additional credit equal to that percent." So if you reduce usage by 2 percent, you will receive a 2 percent credit. If you conserve 10 percent or more, you will receive a 20 percent credit.

Saving incentive programs like this one has been a success in previous years. "Nearly 2 million customers were able to save and reduce their gas usage from the previous winter. And they saved a total of about 37 million dollars," Paul says.

There are a few simple steps that PG&E recommends to reduce gas consumption. "Put your water heater setting at 120 degrees which is the normal setting. Wash clothes in cold water instead of hot. And try to microwave small amounts of food rather than use the oven or stove top," Paul says. And by simply lowering your thermostat to a recommended 68 degrees, you can start saving money instantly.

Smart Meter customers can also check daily gas usage online. By using these tips, gas usage will reduce immediately. Chico PG&E Customer Bill Graves says, "I know my renters are going to want to take advantage of this if it's possible. Who wouldn't want to save money. As long as it's not too complicated a process, I'm going to encourage them to do it." Sara Sparks of Chico says, "It's really high especially around Christmas time when you're trying to keep it warm and it's cold here in Chico. So yah it would be nice to save money."

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