PG&E Tree Inspections

Dec 16, 2013 7:32 PM

For PG&E, any plant growing in the vicinity of their power lines are a potential threat for outages, fire, and public safety.

CN Utility Consulting was hired by PG&E to pre-inspect all 72,000 trees in Shasta, Tehama, and Lassen counties.

PG& E inspects the vegetation around every power line annually, and marks the trees that need to be worked on.

"When we're going to trim a tree, we mark it with a dot of paint, and then if we're going to remove a tree it's usually with an X, and so the tree crews are able to identify that quickly," CN Utility Consulting Project Manager Jimmy Williams said.

PG&E is one of the only utility companies that conducts inspections every year, and it pays off, especially in the winter time, when wind storms can push trees over.

"We work all year round getting ready for storm season to help prevent outages, and we're very happy to say our efforts we've been making here with vegetation management and other efforts, we've improved reliability to the best we ever had in the third quarter of this year," PG&E spokesperson Paul Moreno said.

PG&E encourages people to not plant new trees in the area of power lines.

If you can't avoid it, there are species of trees that do not grow tall and will not pose a hazard.

For more information on how to select the right trees, you can find out more with PG&E's "Right Tree Right Place."


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