PG&E to upgrade gas pipeline in southeast Paradise

Jan 7, 2014 12:34 PM

Work will begin this week to upgrade nearly 16,000 feet of natural gas distribution pipes in southeast Paradise, PG&E announced today. Paul Moreno, spokesman for PG&E, stated in his press release crews are scheduled to perform the upgrades through June of this year.

“This pipe replacement project will improve the safety and integrity of the natural gas system,” said Dave Ferguson, gas distribution acting superintendent for PG&E’s North Valley and Sierra divisions.

The upgrades will take place along De Mille Road, Stearns Road, Alpine Court, Harrison Road, Thornburg Road and Richmond Court. Impacts on traffic are expected to me minimal as crews plan to mainly bore just beneath the surface to install new 1” and 2” plastic gas lines. There will be a brief interruption of gas services while the old lines are being replaced but PG&E stated they will directly notify all 114 customers who will be affected.

Work on the pipeline will take place weekdays between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. but work could occur as late as 6 p.m. on some Saturdays. As a safety precaution, crews will also vent some natural gas from the pipelines as the project progresses. As a result of this venting, some homeowners may notice the smell of natural gas and the sound of the venting, but PG&E stated today the gas should dissipate quickly and “will not be harmful.”

Anyone who has concerns about natural gas odors in or around their home or business are encouraged to call PG&E at 1-800-743-5000.


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