PG&E to continue Oroville tree removal project

Dec 17, 2014 8:48 PM

PG&E planned to cut down roughly 250 trees around Oroville. It is all a part of the statewide Pipeline Pathways Project.

"This program only involves moving trees that have to be removed because they pose a safety risk." says PG&E Communications Representative Paul Moreno.

The dozen trees are reportedly feet from a high pressure gas line. Following protests, Oroville City Council asked PG&E to postpone the removal of the trees outside Oroville Cemetery ,but now PG&E plans to move forward.

"We are now looking into a tree contractor to go to the sight and begin the cutting of the trees." adds Moreno.

The group "Save Oroville Trees" was seeking a restraining order to stop the removal process. The court denied the request Tuesday afternoon. In addition, group spokesperson, Bill Bynum, says they have also filed a lawsuit against the city. He says the public wasn't aware of the tree removal in the first place.

"The judge stated that it was too late for us to get the restraining order, but our point is that we didn't know about this until just a couple of weeks ago. We didn't hire a lawyer until a week ago we couldn have filed it any sooner." says Bynum.

Although PG&E did wait to remove the trees, like the city asked, Bynum says he and other supporters are wanting alternatives, like rerouting the pipeline.

A protest is planned Thursday at 6:30 A.M. when Bynum expects the trees to be removed.


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