PG&E proposes removal 33 South Chico trees

Sep 1, 2015 9:47 PM

The Butte County Environmental Council is speaking out about PG&E's plans to remove 33 trees in South Chico. The initiative was presented at the Bidwell Park and Playground Commission meeting . The proposal comes as part PG&E's Community Pipeline and Safety initiative for the City of Chico. The initiative calls to remove brush or trees along a one mile stretch of a high pressure natural gas line, to gain access, in case of an emergency. A total of 86 trees near the pipeline were reviewed to determine if they impact public safety or emergency access. The natural gas line runs along private properties off the Midway in South Chico. It's the only transmission size line in the city. The one mile segment has higher pressure than the others in chico, but advocates for the trees say the discussion should have been made more public. 53 of the reviewed trees are considered far enough away that they can stay with ongoing monitoring. However, 33 within a 5 foot safety zone on either side of the pipeline, are marked for removal. PG&E plans to continue public outreach to address questions/concerns. They'll go back to the commission to give another public presentation in October.


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