PG&E measures Lassen snowpack

Mar 26, 2015 8:43 PM

More evidence of the dismal snowpack in the Sierra Nevada comes from PG&E today.

PG&E crews measure the snow at Lower Lassen Peak four times a year, and usually this is the month where it is the highest. The average for the location in April is 77 inches and today it measured 44 inches which is about 60-percent of what the average is. Although PG&E would like to see more snowpack, Lassen is still higher than the state which is currently 9% of the average.

"We have certainly seen better and because we are looking at a drier year and a very low snowpack we are already taking steps to manage our water resources." says Paul Moreno from PG&E.

PG&E uses the measurements to see how much runoff they will get from our local mountains.

"Knowing what the snow levels are are very important because it allows us to forecast how much hydroelectric power we are going to be able to produce this year." says Moreno.

The last snowpack measurement is at the end of April.


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