PG&E Crews Work To Restore Power

Jan 19, 2010 7:44 PM

Tuesday's weather left two major areas in Chico without power. Many customers were left in the dark in the areas of Highway 32 and Muir Avenue, and Mangrove Avenue and Vallombrosa. PG&E workers were sent to those locations with what's called "Two and a Crew." "We now send two members out there so they can quickly patrol the area and make a quick fix or asses it and tell a crew to bring in the needed material and supplies to repair the power outage," PG&E Spokesperson Paul Moreno said.

The problem was worse in Palermo when winds knocked over a tree. It knocked over a power pole, leaving more than 120 customers in the dark. Moreno says situations like this call for more help. "We will assemble a crew that will come out with proper materials and tools to make that repair and all crews are mobilized now and working around the clock to restore power."

If you lose power but you notice lights are on nearby, rest assured that crews are on way.

"We will have situations where even across the street there is power but you may be without power, that is because the trouble affecting you isn't further down the line or that customer is on a separate circuit," Moreno stated.

Moreno advises everyone to stock up on water and food, along with a flashlight with working batteries and a cell phone. After that, leave the rest to the professionals. "Be assured that we do take every customer outage very seriously, we stay mobilized until all customers are back on," Moreno said.

If you would like to report a power outage, you can call 1-800-P-G-E-5000.


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