Pet Goats Found After Alleged Theft

Jul 24, 2010 8:52 PM

Two pet goats reportedly stolen from the outdoor cages of the Whispering Pines Pet Clinic in Magalia are now back home, but the news is not all good. Veterinarian Nick Weber says he is still recovering from his gruesome discovery Friday morning. "I found there had been two birds tortured and killed in the loft and there was blood all over."

Weber says both pigeons were stomped on and one nearly had its head severed off. Two more pigeons were lit on fire, but are still alive. "I don't know we just didn't have words for it, it's just devastating," Weber explained.

It was also devastating for Weber and his childen when they found out their two pygmy goats were stolen. However, they were found Friday night after an Action News viewer called and tipped Butte County Sheriff deputies to where the goats were. They were located at a home about a half mile away from the clinic. The owner of the home did not know who brought them there or how, but several people told Weber they saw a group of teenage boys with the goats. Authorites believe the incident could be connected to other vandalism in the area. Weber says the goats appear to be slightly injured and are still in shock from the incident but he his glad to have them home. "I couldn't believe it at first, I had to let it sink in, then I was just overjoyed," Weber stated. Weber says there is hundreds of dollars in damage to the cages, and the loss of the birds. No arrests have been made so far, but if you have any information contact the Butte County Sheriff's Office.


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