Person of Interest in King disappearance in court on drug charge

Mar 20, 2014 6:45 PM

The man considered a 'Person of Interest' in the disappearance of Neal King was in a Butte County Superior Courtroom Thursday. Don Cheatham and his wife Jennifer each faced one count of 'Possession for Sale of Marijuana with a Weapons Enhancement.' According to prosecutors, the pair was aquitted on their charges, but Don Cheatham was convicted of a lesser misdemeanor charge of 'Violation of Health and Safety' for possessing 124lbs. of marijuana. He is not expected to face further jail time. Sentencing is set for April 16.
King disappeared under mysterious circumstances last year. Investigators say King was a well-established business associate of Don Cheatham. It was because of King's disappearance that investigators with the Butte County Sheriff's Office were at the Cheathams' home on Hildale Avenue in April 2014. They were serving a search warrant, looking for clues into his disappearance. That's when, according to investigators with the Butte County Sheriff's Office, detectives found hundreds of pounds of marijuana, thousands of dollars in cash, and at least one gun. Investigators say Don Cheatham was one of the last people to see King.
Neal's case has not been solved, but it is being actively investigated, according to the Sheriff's Office.


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